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Miami Beach 411
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How do I make a reservation?
Our reservation process is very simple. If what you need is to get past the doorman, we highly recommended purchasing a Nightclub Tour Pass. For the extra cost of a round of drinks, Your VIP Host will escort you past the line into the club of your choice - No lines. No Waiting. No Hassles.

Click here for more information and Booking Details.

If you require bottle service, contact Jeff Bowman at South Beach VIP.

Are reservations necessary?
No, but if you want to avoid lines and gain fast access into the club, reservations are recommended.

What should I wear?
Dress codes vary. If you're going to a lounge or club, attire should be fashionably chic and hip, yet relaxed. Dress codes are strictly enforced. Anyone in sneakers, shorts, t-shirts, or any kind of sports attire will be denied entry, even if you have a reservation. If you're going to a neighborhood bar, casual dress is appropriate.

What is VIP at a club?
VIP is an area of the club that is reserved for important people, celebrities, and those that are buying bottles of liquor and have reserved a table.

How much do the bottles cost?
Most bottle prices start at $225, this includes ice and mixers.

What's the best time to arrive?
Most clubs open at 10pm but the best time to get there is after midnight.
Clubs usually stay open until 5am.

How much is the cover charge?
For lounges and clubs, cover charges are between $20 to $35.

How much are drinks?
For lounges and clubs, beers are arond $8; mixed drinks and martinis are between $10 and $15.

If I don't have a reservation, how long shoud I expect to wait?
The best way to get in quickly is to dress sharp, show up with a mixed group of guys and girls, and keep your cool. .

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Like what you see? Let's talk about
how we can help your vacation
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