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Admit It: You Watch Miami Ink and Want A Tattoo By Ami James

"Miami Ink" premiered July, 2005 on TLC
May 08, 2008 By loren646 in  | 2 Comments

ABOVE: Watch a dramatic fan video made as a tribute to the guys from Miami Ink.

Miami Ink is a reality-based television show set in South Beach. The show follows the life of tattoo artist, Ami James, and 4 of his friends. These five individuals have diverse personalities that mix well into a reality-based television show. The show premiered in July 2005 and entered its fourth season on April 24, 2008.

The Cast

Ami James is the narrator during the show as well as the owner of Miami Ink. He has a strong, self-assertive personality. At times, Ami is abrasive and relies on his brash personality to get things accomplished He is, however, an amazing tattoo artist who focuses on intricacies of each design. Ami comes from a line of artists and his father had tattoos. He does not like to answer to anyone and wants something of his own - thus Miami Ink was born.

Chris Nunez is the friend who would do anything for a friend. He’s the perfect artist for an emotional individual. He is compassionate, caring, and good natured.  He used to be a graffiti artist. He was the kid who went and enjoyed art museums and his only real job has been as a tattooer.

Darren Brass is an antagonist of the show. He stirs up trouble yet makes up for his mistakes by being a great artist. He enjoys teasing Ami at times. He is extremely loyal to all his friends.  He does a lot of tattoos free hand. He is well-liked, extremely friendly almost to a fault (easily the target of jokes), and known as the teddy bear of the group.

Chris Garver has that laid back - does not rush for anything personality. He is the most experienced and the oldest in the group. He is dedicated and is known for being passionate about his art work. With his personality, people seem to easily open up to him. He is known for his traditional Japanese, philosophical, and fantasy type tattoos.

The last individual in the group is not a tattoo artist. yet - he is the apprentice: Yojira Harada (better known as simply, Yoji). He is learning the ropes of becoming an artist. His job here is to clean, prep, copy, and do anything that needs to be done; he is their right hand man. In exchange for his work he is taught the art of tattooing.

The Miami background is present in each episode from going to Felt to play pool (the tattoo artist make a bet - loser has to get ‘Miami Ink’ tattooed on his body) to hanging out at the Irish pub, Playwright. Beautiful women and scenic palm tree backgrounds set the perfect Miami mood.

The music complements the drama in the stories that are being told. Each episode seems to bring closure by the end leaving little suspense and excitement for the next episode. 

I’m embarrassed to say, I like watching Miami Ink. I don’t have any tattoos, but If I did, I want a Japanese-style dragon done by Ami James.

How to get a tattoo at Miami Ink

First come first serve - the studio accepts walk-ins only. Minimum quote for a tattoo is $200. There is no hourly rate.

Miami Ink
1344 Washington Ave., Miami, FL 33139
Phone: (305) 531-4556

NOTE: The tattoo artists on the show aren’t the ones working the shop during normal business hours of 12pm to 12am. To get a tattoo from one of the artists on the show, one must stop by the store and make a “special” appointment.

To be on the show, there are casting calls. You go to the location they set, bring your artwork samples, and your story. Contact TLC for casting locations.

Ami and Chris also own the tattoo shop two doors down called Love Hate. As well as the bar by the same name.

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2 Comments on

"Admit It: You Watch Miami Ink and Want A Tattoo By Ami James"

... says:

Nice read Loren!

So the cost is based on the actual tat and not the time.  Cool I guess…

I’ve thought about getting one- maybe a green star + moon (Green is my favorite color and I have a thing for space) or even Nick’s initials, also in green, except my grandma would kill me if I ever got one.  She says tattoos are for whores and rockstars…there’s still time for me to be a rockstar right?

Posted on 05/15/2008 at 11:00 AM

Ana Elena says:

I watch your program and I want a picture of the Virgen of el Agua that you made in Tv

Posted on 06/26/2008 at 12:44 AM

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