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Spiegelworld: A Sexy Circus For Adults Only

December 23, 2007 By Brad A Schenck in  | 4 Comments


Ah Absinthe, the drink of mythical proportions. The green liquor has been effectively banned in the US since 1912, but its reputation precedes it: It inspires visions, it drives you crazy; it makes you paint masterpieces. My first encounter with this mystical spirit was interestingly shared with a gentleman born into the circus world.

Flash forward to opening night of Absinthe under the Spiegel-tent at Spiegelworld’s Miami Beach debut. The extravagant tent is it is an actual Spiegel-tent (which is a tent constructed from teak wood and canvas, decorated with mirrors and stained glass) circa 1920s. Back from an era when the circus was still full of freaks and had an edgy, bohemian feel. It is an intimate and cozy venue. Lights dim and Raphael appears in a sexy black and red corset. Her body begins contorting and sliding around the silver jungle gym before me. She finishes to warm applause and queue set change. 


Being Heckled In A Good Way

Flashback to my first introduction with Spiegelworld which could have been enough to leave most jaded. I was either a glutton for punishment or knew that something worth the humiliation lay further ahead. The prelude to seeing the formal show came during the all night art event Sleepless Night. There I was heckled during the comedic routine of the Gazillionaire only to learn the joke was on me again there were no acrobats, just he and his assistant Penny plugging their wintertime show Absinthe.

Snap back to present and Raphael has finished her mesmerizing performance. Set change and let the heckling begin again. The ruthless and hilarious host Gazillionaire picked me as one of his many jokes to flow through the evening. I was now the gay and my wife the fag hag.  Behind me was the Republican whom happened to be Jewish, then the A@%hole, the real gays and you might see where a raunchy comedian might be going with all of this. And he did again and again.


Sexual Contorting Bodies And Flying Objects

This is not a circus for the faint of heart. This venue takes us away from the large 3 ring affairs. This is gritty, surreal adult entertainment at its finest. Sexual contorting bodies mixed with lewd adult humor. Those easily offended or fearful of flying objects should stay at home.

Under the Spiegel-tent, glittering between mirrors and lights the night swirled around like a bottle of Absinthe does. “Like a carousel spinning round and round,” sang the vixen mingling with the audience. It is part confusing, sweet and glowing in the twisted way Absinthe does. I have never been so afraid at a live show. Here you are no mere witness and there are no safety nets. Acrobats spun past my head and a near naked muse fell into my lap (queue gay joke from the Gazillionaire). A juggling, pogo sticking cross dresser that strikes fear into the first few rows.

Here you will view human feats you have never before seen (even after seeing many cirque style performances). You will laugh deep and full at jokes your not aloud to laugh at in public. Your sensual mind will be pleased by delicious bodies writhing to the music. If not, then it is clear you drank too much Absinthe that your friends smuggled back from Slovakia.

Be sure to book a date soon it will run from Dec 20th through February 17th. And don’t forget to also catch the filthy rich and funny Gazzillionaire at his “Late Night Lounge” Just minus the acrobats and fill in with ridiculous things people sometimes wish they could say and not be stoned by angry mobs.

Visit for tickets.

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4 Comments on

"Spiegelworld: A Sexy Circus For Adults Only"

Maria de los Angeles says:

Great review, Brad!  I can’t wait to go see it.  Sounds like something my alter-ego Manola would love (well, me too!)

I have some friends who are professional beer brewers and distillers in New Orleans.  They sent me a bottle of absinthe once.  They told me that minus the wormwood, the recipe was basically the same.  It is SO strong, even for someone like me, who likes her cocktails.  It’s also incredibly fragrant.  I left a serving of it in the fridge (I could only take one sip) and it perfumed my fridge for days!

Posted on 12/24/2007 at 12:16 PM

Aresto says:

I just saw the show with friends on Saturday and it was great. Do you happen to know what the name of the song was that Raphael preforms to?

Posted on 01/21/2008 at 11:33 PM



Posted on 01/27/2008 at 11:42 PM

MayTag parts says:

I think that is something i must see.

Posted on 06/06/2008 at 2:39 AM

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