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Car Break-Ins Ok as Long as you Work for Tremont Towing

February 19, 2010 By Matt Meltzer in Miami: Local News  | 5 Comments


Getting towed is kind of a rite of passage in South Beach. You haven’t really lived in Miami until you’ve exercised the good judgment to not drive home drunk at the end of the night, and been rewarded with a missing car on the Beach the next morning. And while your car was not technically stolen, it was still taken in the night by a band of thieves. Only these ones have a contract with the City.



Because not only do these thieves at Tremont and Beach towing charge you more than your car payment for the effort it takes them to take your car 5 blocks, but many employees feel their tow truck driver’s license is also a license to take whatever they see fit from your automobile. Complain to the towing company , and the response is typically something along the lines of:

“Oh, you mean your iPod and phone charger are missing? Those must have been taken by someone BEFORE we took your car. Our drivers are honest. We don’t’ allow anyone with more than two felony convictions to work here. At least not on weekends.”

Thanks Tremont. Robbing me once just wasn’t enough.



So it seems some Beach residents with a bird’s eye view of Tremont’s tow lot took it upon themselves to document Tremont doing what it does best: breaking into cars and stealing shit. The residents then turned the tapes over to NBC6, who reported the story to widespread outrage. And the city reacted with swift justice by immediately revoking Tremont’s contract and issuing arrest warrants for the men caught on the video.

Wait, they didn’t? Well they at least aren’t doing business with a bunch of proven thieves anymore, are they?

They are? Well, I mean, they’re at least promising closer scrutiny, right?

No? Are they even making any arrests?

Can you please stop laughing?



The City government of Miami Beach has shown itself, once again, to be a complete joke. It took that boldest of bold steps and ISSUED A STATEMENT. A statement saying, in no uncertain terms, that, “Stealing is wrong.” And that they would come up with a bill of rights for towees. Thanks, CMB. I didn’t realize I had the right to NOT have my belongings stolen by the thugs who take my car. Glad you cleared that up.

The City Manager said that people need to report when things are stolen. But what’s the point in reporting it when the towers are always going to claim it was gone when they got there?  The people just can’t win. 



Tremont’s attorney claims that Florida law required drivers to search the car for proof of registration. I was not aware that registrations are now written on expensive sunglasses and Compact Disks, but maybe Tremont is a little more up on state law than I am. Oh, and Tremont’s lawyer? Former Miami Beach mayor Neisen Kasdin. Who I’m sure has a buddy or two still at City Hall who will make sure Tremont keeps its lucrative contract. And probably gets a nice, hefty renewal.

It would be nice if our city government would not allow people who rob not only its citizens, but its visitors, to do business with it. It would be nice if when a company gets caught on video breaking into cars, it actually faces some financial repercussions. But as it is, it seems the Beach is happy with the job the Bay Road Bandits are doing and don’t mind the occasional tourist getting robbed. Maybe the city doesn’t mind occasionally screwing its residents, but the tourists are the backbone of our economy. Tremont needs to be fired, and fired now. If not for us, than for the people who pay our salaries.

Video by NBC6.

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About the Author: Matt Meltzer is a featured columnist at Miami Beach 411.

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5 Comments on

"Car Break-Ins Ok as Long as you Work for Tremont Towing"

Carlos Miller says:

Good one!

Posted on 02/19/2010 at 6:53 PM

Doug says:

Thanks for bringing this to light.  Maybe after reading your article, the City of Miami Beach will reconsider who it contracts with? I know, wishful thinking…

Posted on 02/19/2010 at 9:41 PM

Maro says:

I consider all towing companies to be a sort of mafia in cahoots wih the police, but Tremont is something else….

Posted on 02/20/2010 at 4:23 PM

Ugh says:

I don’t even need to read this article to know how god damn Tremont is. Those sucker’s took my car, stripped my oil, damaged my hood & nabbed my vehicle regrestration.

Ah well

Posted on 02/20/2010 at 5:42 PM

norys says:

I sold my car 16 yrs ago.. and for those 16 yrs everything was fine until .Now on 7-11-11 Tremont said they towed the car and has now placed a LIEN on the Fla Drivers Division which now enables me from getting a tag for my car….It is sooo strange when I received a Certified letter and explain that i had sold that car 16 yrs ago they said is ok then don worry and then now 6 days ago went & placed a lien…..Is like this company has a license to steel and robbed people….How can a company like this have the authority to control the Division of Fla License messing us consumers ....I have filed a complaint with the Consumers Affair

Posted on 09/15/2011 at 10:21 PM

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