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See the Club Scene From a Business Traveler’s Perspective

I though it would be fun to undertake the task of looking at the club scene from the perspective of a less than 50 but older than 35 year old.
March 03, 2011 By fredgarvin in Miami: Nightlife  | 3 Comments

(This post was originally in the Forum, and was promoted to the main blog because it provides great value and interest to our community.)


As a forum reader/contributor I see many discussions regarding clubs. These range from use of Promoters, entry, dress, lines, cost, door policy etc. Much advice has been given by people with far more experience in the clubs than me. Nevertheless, I though it would be fun to undertake the task of looking at the club scene from the perspective of a less than 50 but older than 35 year old. Going with a group of friends (both sexes and ages from 28-56), out to have fun, enjoy to vibe, but not looking to ‘hook-up,’ were our expressed late evening goals.

We choose to go to LIV as a best example of a typical busy nightclub.

We were not disappointed we had a great time!

Our saga started a few days before our trip, trying to contact a promoter. They may be of some help with some clubs but we DID NOT find that to be the case. One waited 3 days to get back to us only to say he didn’t promote for LIV, another, who claimed he did, offered nothing more than the club itself. So we made reservations with the club directly. This brings us to the next topic, Bottle service.

If your group is largely 35 or older, you need to get bottle service. Its that simple. Period. When we got there (11:45) the line to get in was quite long. Filled with people (3 to 2 male) in their 20’s. My motley crew walked up to the reserved table line, saw the ropes snap open, and were taken back to our table—no judgmental looks, drama, only similes.


Regarding door policy, I can, no doubt, see why this is something that irks many. The number of people in their 20’s on line to get in (at 1145 and when I left at 230) is impressive. I can see how the clubs tries to keep the male/female ratio balanced. This makes sense from their perspective and a good mix was noted in the club itself. Suggestions for groups of guys in there 20’s has been written in other threads and seem to make good sense.

Once we were only the only ‘surprises’ weren’t really surprises but wonderful attentive service from our servers, wait staff, and even security. When one of group was late, security graciously escorted me to the front so I was able to bring in our friend in VIP fashion. The head of security is a true gentleman.

One may ask, what did this cost. Well, for an original group of 6 there was a 2 bottle minimum. This includes mixers, soda pop, water, and ice. The servers will pour your drinks for you if you wish. Bottle prices range from 325-500 and over. They likely vary with the night/event. We bought a 3rd bottle (not required by management but necessitated by our late arriving crew members) and were under no pressure to buy more or leave. The others were still there when I left at 230 As I exited I noted a considerable line outside (mainly male), trying to gain entry.

Bottom line there were about 8 of us, we spent over $100 per person.

It was not cheap, but we all had a great time. If I were in my 20’s, there is NO WAY I could do this . But in the age group listed above, I’m not out ‘clubbin’ every night, having ‘your spot’ in the club enhances the experience . Later in the evening, when Lebron showed up, it was no big deal. We all had a chance to sit, enjoy the music, talk, txt, and dance if we chose-just as we set out to do.

So, we all hear that Miami Beach nightclub experience is not to be missed. I strongly support that assumption and am happy to report that the people at LIV are first rate at delivering an outstanding experience!

Editor’s note: This is not Fred Garvin’s video, but it captures what the experience might be like, from a fellow businesses traveler’s perspective.

Uploaded by jacobWeithorn - a group of “regular guys” partying with DJ Scoter at Liv.

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Just a ‘regular’ guy, living part time in Miami Beach.

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See more articles by fredgarvin

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3 Comments on

"See the Club Scene From a Business Traveler’s Perspective"

Allan Kleer says:

We constantly have clients in this age bracket asking us for advice on where to go.  Note that these are usually very high net worth, responsible professionals who like to take advantage of the Miami nightlife.  The clubs that cater to this elite group tend to prosper (especially in this economy).

Posted on 03/03/2011 at 8:42 AM

Matt Meltzer says:

I don’t know, Fred. I was in a group once that had a table and I believe got 4 or 5 bottles. I showed up at 1 (not ridiculous by any standards) ans was still not allowed to go in and join the group. This is the one thing clubs need to fix. Like if you’re allowed X number of people on a bottle order, and some show up on Miami time, getting in should not be a hassle for them.

But it’s good to see that LIV actually treated some regular folk nice. Wish I could say the same for the odious Opium Group….

Posted on 03/03/2011 at 8:06 PM

Christy says:

I like the acrobats better than the guys spraying gas or whatever. But thank you for a wonderful write-up!

Posted on 03/07/2011 at 12:02 PM

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