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Top 10 Celebrity Houses Seen On Miami Boat Cruise (Photos)

February 28, 2009 By Scott in  | 10 Comments


It’s an absolute must for anyone visiting (or living) in Miami to see the city by water.  Having lived here for well over a year, I had never been out on a boat to see this great city until recently.  I highly, highly recommend it.

When I decided to embark on the 90-minute boat cruise, a tour which would leave from Bayside and circle around Star Island before heading back to port, I had visions of Gilligan’s Island. Thankfully for the passengers that day, our destiny was not fated as such. In fact, I’m wondering now how the skipper of the SS Minnow screwed it up so badly.  So many questions.

Anyway, the tour itself is geared toward highlighting the homes of celebrities (such as Shaquille O’Neal) as well as celebrity landmarks (the sizable mansion where the movie “Scarface” was shot).  While that in itself is interesting, even to someone such as me who doesn’t follow celebrities all that much, the views granted from the water of downtown Miami, the bay, Fisher Island, South Beach, the port, the islands… they are impressive, to say the least.


I took the 5pm cruise (cruises departs every two hours from 11am onward) and was thoroughly amazed by the views at that time of day.  At this time of year and on a bright day, the colors of both land and water with all of it’s glimmering reflections are simply amazing. As the boat is making it’s way back to Bayside,  the sun is edging its way to the horizon giving the passenger some beautiful scenes of downtown Miami.

The views aside, the cruise itself around the homes is rather impressive.  In addition to some of the more well-known celebrity homes that are pointed out (Will Smith, Julio Iglesias), homes of some of the less well known rich and famous (Edward Parker of Parker Pens, and Phillip Frost, one of Forbes top 50 wealthiest people in the US and owner of the largest, most expansive home on Star Island) are also highlighted.

If you’re a resident of Miami or if you’re just visiting, taking a boat tour in the waters surrounding this uniquely beautiful city is an entirely worthwhile venture.  Here are photos of what I consider to be the Top 10 celebrity houses as seen on the the Miami boat cruise:

The location shoot for the movie Scarface.  This home is actually highly visible as you’re crossing the MacAurthur Causeway leaving South Beach as it sits on the corner of Star Island.


Home to Miami royalty, Gloria and Emilio Estefan.


Julio Iglesias is sporting a nice little pad on Star Island.


This was one of Liz Taylor’s homes when married to Eddie Fisher.


This home served as a shoot location for Miami Vice, CSI Miami and has been rented out by stars such as Kanye West, P. Diddy, etc.  You can rent it too, for the low, low price of $13,500 per night.


Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio has some nice digs on Star Island.


Home to Phillip Frost, one of Forbes top 50 wealthiest people in the US, worth an estimated $1.3B.  This home is the largest on Star Island with a massive garden which has numerous imported plants from around the world.


I expected to see a full-size basketball court off to the side of Shaquille O’Neall’s home shown below.  Instead there was just one small goal in the corner.
Unimpressed, Shaquille.  Unimpressed.


Location shoot for the Addams Family movie.


Will Smith.  I suppose if you write a song all about Miami in the summertime, probably gives you a little cred to have a house here.


Want To Take A Cruise?

For more information, call Miami Tour Company at (305) 260-6855.

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Scott is a photographer in South Beach who shoots models, street/street fashion photography, and life in South Beach. All of this can be seen at

See more articles by Scott.

See more articles by Scott

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10 Comments on

"Top 10 Celebrity Houses Seen On Miami Boat Cruise (Photos)"

anominous... says:

will smiths house is awsome

Posted on 03/04/2009 at 6:49 AM

XYZ says:

Gloria Estefan’s house is marked wrong! That one is Jackie Gleason’s (Bad boys 1&2 and The specialist was filmed here)> After his death this is now a vacation / party home available for rental

Posted on 08/14/2009 at 11:10 AM

colin says:

Shaq’s house has something even better than an outdoor basketball court - he has an indoor one.

Posted on 01/03/2010 at 2:11 AM

Boats says:

Those are some phenomenal digs.  I honestly have never heard of Philip Frost, though…but the guy certainly has a killer home.

Posted on 01/20/2010 at 4:33 PM

miamitour says:

Gloria Estefan, Paulina Rubio and Will Smith’s houses are marked wrong. Gloria Estefan is the home after, Paulina is the other larger white mansion with a red interior and Will Smith’s is the yellow mansion to the left of that one.

Posted on 05/10/2010 at 6:17 PM

Gibs says:

Julio Iglesias house is also marked wrong.

Posted on 11/25/2013 at 8:24 AM

tarandeepsingh says:

and where’s ricky martin’s house

Posted on 06/27/2014 at 12:49 AM

Alex says:

Can someone upload a map of the island with those houses marked? I mean, a scheme view so we can figure it better. From the inside you cant say which is and who’s the house.

Posted on 01/31/2015 at 6:55 PM

giselle says:

Is beautiful I would totally recommend ! jlos house is the best ! 😍

Posted on 04/08/2015 at 3:42 PM

Aimee says:

The scarface house is wrong. It’s on key biscayne.

Posted on 12/05/2015 at 10:14 PM

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