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Burger & Beer Joint Serves a 10-lb Hamburger (Video)

It is only fitting that on South Beach, that bastion of excess where hype and indulgence are king, that one can order a 10-lb hamburger.

Known as “The Mother Burger”, the 10-lb burger is sold at the newly opened Burger and Beer Joint, a place that sometimes takes itself a little too serious for being a burger and beer joint.

For $75, you will get 10 pounds of angus beef on a 4 pound sesame seed bun along with two toppings and two sides.

It is the epitome of gluttony. An artery clogging, jaw-stretching , belly-bloating bitch of a burger.

Brought to the table on a pizza peel under much fanfare, The Mother Burger is cut into slices with a hacksaw and served to members of your party.


That is, if you choose not to eat the burger yourself, which is a feat that not even The Burger Beast can do. His record is little over 3 pounds. And that almost sent him to the hospital.

But if you are able to eat the 10-lb burger on your own in less than two hours, then it is free, according to co-owner Buzzy Sklar.

But nothing is free. Especially a trip to the hospital.

We asked Sklar if he would allow us into the kitchen to film the preparation of The Mother Burger, but he refused. He also refused to allow us to move some tables together for our rather large party, so we were forced to sit in three separate tables and yell across the room in conversation.

So keep that in mind if you are into large group outings.

The Mother Burger is almost impossible to eat even after it is cut into slices because the bun is just way too thick and the meat tends to fall apart, forcing you to eat the burger with a knife and fork.

And who the hell wants to do that in a burger and beer joint?

Above: Jim Winters of Nikon Miami was able to eat his slice without a knife and fork, something he has been reminding us about everyday now.

So while The Mother Burger is quite the attention-grabber (which is what really matters on South Beach), it is not the ideal thing to order if you want a satisfying burger.

Unlike a pizza, a burger needs to be personalized. It needs to be a one-on-one experience. Just you and the burger. And the toppings you choose. Cooked in the manner you choose.

And a knife and fork (or a hacksaw for that matter), have no business being near a burger.

Thankfully, Burger and Beer Joint gives us plenty of opportunity to customize our own burgers.

Above: Mark Ros digs into his ½-lb burger which looks puny after comparing it to The Mother Burger.

You can order a free-range beef burger or a kobe beef burger or a turkey burger in either a ½ pound, ¾ pound or 1 pound size.

You have your choice of ciabatta, whole wheat, sesame seed, onion roll or brioche bun.

And you can top with anything from gorgonzola to goat cheese as well as all the basic cheeses in between.

You can also add walnut pesto, chimmichurri sauce or tarragon remoulade as well as bourbon barbecue, chipotle ketchup or spicy garlic mayo.

And you can add bacon or chorizo or prosciutto. Or shrimp or lobster, if you wish.

And the chicken wings are highly recommended. They are braised for a couple of hours before they are deep fried.

Beers are inexpensive and plentiful. And the service is attentive and energetic.

However, parking is scarce. And the meter cops are harsh so come with plenty of change to feed the meters.

Above: The hostesses are very upbeat and friendly, a welcome change from usual snobbery on South Beach


Check out the Burger Beast’s review on the restaurant. And Dave from the South Florida Beer Blog also participated in the 10-lb burger feast (we ordered two) and he might write a review on the beer selection. And Nikon Miami has more photos of the feast.

Burger & Beer Joint  
(305) 672-3287
1766 Bay Rd.
Miami Beach

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Carlos Miller is a featured writer at Miami Beach 411. He also operates Photography is Not a Crime, a blog about photographer rights, New Media and First Amendment issues.

See more articles by Carlos Miller.

See more articles by Carlos Miller

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