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Winter Music Conference 2010 Dispatch - Ultra Day 2

March 28, 2010 By Matt Meltzer in Miami: Nightlife  | 1 Comment


Back when Ultra first started, it was a one-day festival held on the Saturday of Winter Music Conference. Now it has branched to two days, but Saturday is still the big day. Even if they do try to put big names on Friday night. This was evident as I tried to walk in with my badge as I had Friday, and was sent back to the will call window to pick up a ticket. Apparently the rules are a little stricter.



It was also extremely hot on Saturday afternoon. And not wanting to pay $5 a bottle to keep myself out of the hospital, I opted to smuggle in my Camelbak that I hadn’t used since I got out of the Marines in 2004. But it still worked. I wore a large football jersey over it to conceal the contraband, and was successful getting it in. I saw some guys in front of me get caught with one, and the lady made them finish all the water before they could walk in. There is something seriously wrong with an event where it’s easier to get in illegal drugs than it is to bring in water. Of course, if they were charging a 5000% markup on illegal drugs at the concession stands, I’m sure they’d search us a little more thoroughly.

But in all seriousness, Ultra, it’s 85 degrees and humid. Even people who aren’t drinking or rolling or tripping or whatever are going to need at least 2 bottles an hour to stay hydrated. And when you make drinking that cost prohibitive, you start creating safety risks. Next year, you NEED to have some sort of free water option. Once sober people start getting heatstroke and suing, maybe you’ll get the idea. But charging us $5 a bottle just to stay alive is borderline extortion.


Water issues aside, Saturday was a great event. My afternoon started watching Damian Marley and Nas on the mainstage. And while I am not a fan of Hip-Hop being mixed with dance music, these guys actually had talent. So it was a nice break from the pounding beats. After watching them, I ventured over to the Bayfront Stage, where Steve Aoki was spinning as a cruise ship came to turn around right in front of the stage. You have to wonder what Tom and Norma from Kenosha on their 25th anniversary cruise thought as they sailed by. I hear thick Midwestern accents saying;

“Gash, Tahm. What’r all dese doing jumping arownd to dose loud beats? Dey all look like dere on drugs or something?”

“I dunno, Norma. Dey keep listenin to the same sahng oooover and oooover. Its weird!”



The evening sets were also phenomenal. Eric Morillo attracted his usual crowd of endless Colombians. And did not disappoint. Gareth Emery and Sander Kleinenberg blew up the UMF Brazil Tent (formerly the Space Ibiza Tent). Sander dropping “This is Miami” and telling the crowd “I haven’t dropped this record in a long time and felt this was appropriate. Cuz where are we?!” Most in the crowd were coherent enough to answer.

The night on the mainstage concluded with Swedish House Mafia playing probably the best set of all of Ultra, and Deadmau5 finishing up. Sans mouse head, but with a guest drum break from Tommy Lee. Paul Oakenfold, who at one time would have been a sure-fire closing act on the mainstage, closed out the UMF Brazil tent. Take note, David Guetta, start mixing your stuff with bad artists, and you end up second fiddle to a Canadian in a mouse hat.


The second night of Ultra was much better than the first. Mostly because it didn’t have David Guetta. But also because it just felt more like an all-out festival. Nobody was holding back and saving up for the next day. Everyone knew they didn’t need to be standing at the end. And many weren’t. I walked over countless casualties on my way back to my car. Sadly, I was still able to stand at the end of Ultra. But then again, I had a Camelback.

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About the Author: Matt Meltzer is a featured columnist at Miami Beach 411.

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See more articles by Matt Meltzer

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1 Comments on

"Winter Music Conference 2010 Dispatch - Ultra Day 2"

J says:

I’m so happy some else noticed the horrible abyss of crap David Guetta’s set was this year. I was even a fan up until that point….you hit the the nail on the head he needs to stop kicking it with the black eyed peas!

Posted on 04/25/2010 at 4:48 PM

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