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Archived Miami Sports News:

Where to Watch The Super Bowl in Miami Beach

Since We Won't GBe Getting the Actual Game Anytime Soon, Here's The Best Places to Watch It
January 29, 2014By Matt Meltzer

How to get from South Beach to Sun Life Stadium

SunLife Stadium is a long way from South Beach. Here's 5 ways to get there.
September 29, 2013By Matt Meltzer

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Swimsuit Fashion Show (PICTURES)

Not Even the Threat of Hurricane Isaac Could Dampen the Spirits as the Dolphins Cheerleaders Unveiled their 2013 Calendar at LIV
August 31, 2012By Matt Meltzer

Safer Streets Starts With Cyclists

While Cycling in Miami is Hard, Following the Rules is the First Step.
July 09, 2012By Matt Meltzer

Fins Weekend Shows Dolphins Love Miami

By Being a Part of the Miami Community, The Dolphins Develop the Only Loyal Following in Town
May 24, 2012By Matt Meltzer

Marlins Ballpark An “Only in Miami” Experience

New stadium shows visitors what Miami is REALLY Like
May 02, 2012By Matt Meltzer

Marlins Parking Problems?

Marlins Revitalize Neighborhood, Provide Cultural Experience Through Visionary Lack of Parking
March 18, 2012By Matt Meltzer

The ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon 2012

The 10th annual event took place with over 30,000 runners
January 30, 2012By Jess

Miami Marlins Already Show Ingratitude, Arrogance at Logo Unveiling

But you know who wasn’t invited? The people who paid for the stadium.
November 16, 2011By Matt Meltzer

Marlins Close out Sun Life Stadium As Fast as They Can

The Florida Marlins died quietly Wednesday night. And nobody really noticed.
September 30, 2011By Matt Meltzer

Miami Marlins Logo Is Hideous

We're Asking You To Come Up With Something Better
September 22, 2011By Carlos Miller

Extra Long Tailgate Redeems UM Football

September 19, 2011By Matt Meltzer

Fantasy Football: It’s Not Just For Men Anymore

August 30, 2011By Carlos Miller

Once Again, Everyone Hates Miami. And That’s How We Like It.

August 18, 2011By Matt Meltzer

A Look Inside the New Marlins Stadium - PICTURES

August 04, 2011By Matt Meltzer

Dolphins Get Back to Football After Lengthy Lockout

July 29, 2011By Matt Meltzer

Lockout Doesn’t Stop Dolphins From Raising over $600,000 During Fins Weekend

June 12, 2011By Matt Meltzer

Everybody Hates The Miami Heat And Its Fans (And We Don’t Care)

May 27, 2011By Carlos Miller

Miami Ballpark Asks: Are You Ready for a Night Out at “Field?”

April 22, 2011By Matt Meltzer

Marlins Open Final Season, Look Forward to New Park in Little Havana

March 31, 2011By Matt Meltzer

The Florida Panthers: Miami’s Forgotten Pro Sports Franchise

January 14, 2011By Matt Meltzer

Ochocinco a No-Show to South Beach Lunch Tweetup

January 06, 2011By Carlos Miller

Surfers Brave South Beach Chill for Six-Foot Waves (Pictures)

December 15, 2010By Carlos Miller

The Miami Man Triathlon

November 16, 2010By Matt Meltzer

The Muck Bowl: One of the Fiercest High School Football Rivalries in the Country

November 14, 2010By Carlos Miller

Marlins’ Joke of a Season Ends Without Punchline

October 04, 2010By Matt Meltzer

The Coconut Grove Bed Race Returns

September 09, 2010By Carlos Miller

World Cup Fever Strikes Miami Hard

July 07, 2010By Carlos Miller

Will the Backyard, Bare-fisted Fights Continue This Saturday?

June 15, 2010By Carlos Miller

Ladies Football Team Prepare for Season at FIU Stadium

June 06, 2010By Carlos Miller

“The U”: A Movie About a Lot More than Just Miami Football

December 16, 2009By Matt Meltzer

Becoming an Ironman at Ironman Florida

November 11, 2009By Matt Meltzer

The Miami Beach Halloween Half Marathon

November 03, 2009By Matt Meltzer

Training for Triathlons in Miami, Florida

October 21, 2009By Matt Meltzer

Are the ‘Canes Doomed to Never Have a Home Field Advantage?

September 23, 2009By Matt Meltzer

For Hurricanes Fans, This Win Was Different

September 08, 2009By Matt Meltzer

South Beach Triathlon 2008 Race Report

May 09, 2008By Matt Meltzer

A View Behind Marlins’ Home Plate: Blogger-style

May 03, 2008By Gus

Tennis Star Anna Kournikova Lights Up the Triathlon (Photos)

April 14, 2008By Gus

Miami Triathlon Inspired Me to Get in Shape (Photos)

April 13, 2008By Gus

Miami Orange Bowl: The End Of An Era

November 12, 2007By Suzy

Will Hurricane Fans Rush the Field After the Game?

November 08, 2007By Gus

Hurricanes Football Tailgating (Videos)

September 07, 2007By Gus

Florida Surfers Are The Best

July 13, 2006By Gus

Miami Heat Fans Celebrate on Ocean Drive

June 21, 2006By Gus
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