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Like what you see? Let's talk about how
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Archived Miami travel news:

Jim Moore of Miami Tour Company Interviewed by Miami Today

Learn why heritage and history attracts visitors to Coconut Grove
August 16, 2014By Gus

12 Reasons You’ll Love Miami Beach 411 on Instagram

Why Our Instagram Will Leave you Saying "Only in Miami"
August 12, 2014By Matt Meltzer

Miami Weekend Getaways: The Central Gulf Coast

An Insiders Look at all there is in Sarasota, Clearwater and Crystal River
August 01, 2014By Matt Meltzer

Weekend Getaways from Miami: East Coast Beaches

We Take an Inside Look at Jupiter, Cocoa Beach and Sebastian
July 25, 2014By Matt Meltzer

Lyft Comes to Miami.

A New Ridesharing Service Will Change How You Get Around Miami
May 29, 2014By Matt Meltzer

Miami Beach Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Guide

Relax, It's Just Urban Beach Weekend
May 23, 2014By Matt Meltzer

5 Crazy New Workouts You Can Do in Miami Beach

From Banging on Drums to Yoga on a Paddleboard, Miami's Got Some Crazy New Workouts
April 29, 2014By Matt Meltzer

WMC and Ultra DJs’ Miami Favorites

We Ask Some of the World's Biggest EDM Artists Their Favorite Things About Miami
March 30, 2014By Matt Meltzer

A Culinary Guide to Springfield, USA (The Simpsons)

Eat Like The Simpsons at Universal Orlando's Springfield, USA
March 20, 2014By Matt Meltzer

Introducing our new Key West App, a Free Audiobook About the Florida Keys

Download the FREE Key West Audio Tour, before you go.
February 14, 2014By Gus

Groove Cruise X: 96 Hours of Insanity

Throw 3000 People and the World's Biggest DJs on a Ship, And This is What You Get
February 07, 2014By Matt Meltzer

How to Sneak Alcohol onto a Cruise Ship

Everyone's Got Their Methods for Getting Alcohol Onboard, But Which Ones Really Work?
January 08, 2014By Matt Meltzer

Art Basel for the Common Man

No Basel Hook-Ups? No Problem. Here's How to Own Art Basel without Buying a Thing
December 02, 2013By Matt Meltzer

Where to Watch 4th of July Fireworks in Miami and Miami Beach

Here are our Top 5 Spots in Miami and Miami Beach to Catch the Fireworks this Year
July 02, 2013By Matt Meltzer

Sunset Harbour, Miami Beach’s New Home to Great Food

Move over Lincoln Road, Sunset Harbour is South Beach's New Hotspot
June 23, 2013By Matt Meltzer

Transformers Come to Miami to Promote New Ride, Get Towed

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Have a Pretty Typical Miami Horror Story
June 03, 2013By Matt Meltzer

Miami Beach Well on Its Way to Solving Memorial Day Problem

After years of Memorial Day Madness, What the City is Doing is Working
May 28, 2013By Matt Meltzer

Miami’s Most Overrated Restaurants

There's a Sucker Born Every Minute; And Here's Where They're All Eating
February 06, 2013By Matt Meltzer

Common Travel Mistakes Europeans Make

Don’t make these common mistakes on vacation in Miami.
November 05, 2012By Jess

20 Wonderful Sources of Vacation Inspiration

Our guide for the best vacation ever
September 25, 2012By Jess

Getting Through Customs and Immigration at Miami Airport

Immigration wait times at MIA just got longer.
August 30, 2012By Jess

How To Take Better Tour Photos

At Miami Beach 411, we believe everyone has a creative side.
August 21, 2012By Gus

TRI-Rail From FLL Makes for a Long Morning

Taking the Train from FLL to South Beach is Anything but Easy
August 17, 2012By Matt Meltzer

Miami Metrorail to and from The Airport

The New Orange Line Connects Downtown to MIA, But Still Doesn't Go Everywhere
July 31, 2012By Matt Meltzer

South Beach Hotels: Where the “Stars” Have “Slept”

Miami Beach Hotel Rooms are Popular Spots for Porn Sets
July 24, 2012By Matt Meltzer

Traveling From Brazil To Miami Is Getting A Whole Lot Easier

Whether you're coming to shop, party, or see the sights, Miami welcomes you with open arms.
July 18, 2012By Gus

Miami Rainy Season Safety

Helpful tips for getting caught in a rainstorm
June 19, 2012By Jess

Taking the Bus to Orlando Is A Fast and Cheap Way To Go

Miami Beach 411 offers 5 different buses running throughout the day.
June 06, 2012By Jess

Conch Republic Weekend in Key West

Enjoying the fun of the Key West Independence Weekend
May 04, 2012By Jess

Making International Phone Calls from Miami

Learn how to stay in touch with friends and family when you are away from home
April 17, 2012By Jess

Going to the Beach Like a Local

Get local tips for planning your perfect beach day
April 06, 2012By Gus

Ways to Workout During Your Vacation

Need your workout fix while in Miami? Here are some fun options
March 31, 2012By Matt Meltzer

10 Ways To Ruin Your Miami Vacation

March 09, 2012By Gus

How To Use Public Transport in Miami

February 16, 2012By Jess

Pearl Reopens as Trendy, Accesible Venue

February 09, 2012By Matt Meltzer

Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle - A Much Needed Improvement on a Florida Classic

"The Tiki Bar" remains
January 26, 2012By Matt Meltzer

Review and Photos of Art Deco Weekend 2012

Review and Photos
January 18, 2012By Jess

Swoop Miami: The fun free way to get around South Beach

A fun free taxi service around South Beach
January 10, 2012By Jess

Energy Healing at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach

December 07, 2011By Matt Meltzer

Pool Parties in Miami: Saturdays at the RX Gansevoort Pool Party

November 14, 2011By Jess

Halloween on Lincoln Road 2011

October 20, 2011By Jess

Five Helpful Things To Know When You Move To Miami

October 17, 2011By Jess

How I Moved to Miami from England

October 09, 2011By Jess

Deco Bike Rentals: Good For Locals, Not So Much For Visitors

August 29, 2011By Jess

South Florida Social Media Aficionados Organize Sea Tweetup

August 19, 2011By Carlos Miller

Bill Talbert Distorts Job Growth Stats For Years

August 12, 2011By Gus

Driving Through Lion Country Safari in a Mouse Limo

August 07, 2011By Carlos Miller

A Local’s Guide to Lincoln Road

August 01, 2011By Jess

Going to Harry Potter World for the Day

Book with MiamiBeach411 to visit Orlando theme parks
July 15, 2011By Jess

Miami is a Counterfeit Money Hub

June 27, 2011By Carlos Miller

Cocoa Beach - Florida’s Best Daytime Beach Scene

June 02, 2011By Matt Meltzer

Announcing Miami Tours in Portuguese

April 25, 2011By Gus

What We Learned at SXSW: Content & Networking Is King!

March 17, 2011By Carlos Miller

Bargain Shopping in the Danger Zone

February 11, 2011By Maria de los Angeles

Miami Photography Tips for Visitors

January 22, 2011By Bill Cooke

Visiting Matlacha and Pine Island on Florida’s Gulf Coast

January 13, 2011By Maria de los Angeles

Food Trucks Swarm Downtown Miami (Video)

January 12, 2011By Carlos Miller

6 Reasons Why I Love Miami

January 02, 2011By Christy

5 Reasons Why Customer Service in Miami is So Bad

December 06, 2010By Matt Meltzer

Visit St. Augustine: Florida’s Jewel of a City

November 01, 2010By Maria de los Angeles

Shopping in Bal Harbour - It’s Not Your Average Mall

October 24, 2010By Christy

Wyndham Garden South Beach Fuses Deco With Key West

October 18, 2010By Matt Meltzer

Miami’s Graffiti Art Neighborhood (Photo Essay)

October 11, 2010By engine

Selling Miami With Sex And Celebrities Is Nothing New

September 20, 2010By Bill Cooke

Miami Tour Company Unveils New Spanish-Language Website

September 17, 2010By Gus

Everglades City Offers Complete Everglades Experience

August 02, 2010By Matt Meltzer

Top Spots to Bikini Shop

July 14, 2010By Christy

New Times “Best Mile of Miami” (Time Lapse Video)

July 04, 2010By Gus

Miami Driving Tour Down I-95 (Video)

June 24, 2010By Gus

Announcing New Coach Sound System, With Seat-Back Controllers

June 18, 2010By Gus

Lion Country Safari:  Florida’s Drive-Through Theme Park

June 17, 2010By Maria de los Angeles

The Faces and Styles of Urban Beach Weekend

June 02, 2010By Christy

Miami Bus Tours: Now With Front View Cameras

May 28, 2010By Gus

Miami Tour Company Adds New Bus To The Fleet

April 29, 2010By Gus

Learn about the “Real Florida” from Jeff Klinkenberg of St. Petersburg Times

April 06, 2010By Bill Cooke

Is The Miami Convention Bureau Deceiving Visitors?

January 29, 2010By Gus

GMCVB - Remove The Porn From Your Website

January 25, 2010By Gus

A Closer Look at The Original Miami Tour Via Online Video (Part III of III)

December 19, 2009By Gus

Take a Cruise Around the Star’s Homes Via Online Video (Part II of III)

December 17, 2009By Gus

Learn about the Everglades Eco Adventure via online video (Part I of III)

December 14, 2009By Gus

Free WiFi For Residents and Visitors

November 02, 2009By Doug

New Everglades Tour to Include Infamous Landmarks

October 24, 2009By Doug

10 Things To Do In Downtown Miami: A Self-Guided Tour

October 12, 2009By Maria de los Angeles

Maria’s Hidden Walking Trail in South Miami

September 19, 2009By Doug

Fontainebleau Hotel Faces an Uncertain Future

September 05, 2009By Doug

US Visa Options for Visitors, Students & Workers

August 31, 2009By Mike V

Miamians Can Take a Lesson from Hawaiians

August 25, 2009By Matt Meltzer

Enjoying the Wildlife of South Florida

August 21, 2009By Doug

My Trip to The Real Golden Girls’ House

August 18, 2009By Matt Meltzer

Miami Day Trips: Blue Spring State Park

July 20, 2009By Doug

South Beach’s Most Stunning Hotels, Restaurants & Nightclubs

July 13, 2009By Doug

The Biltmore Asks, Why Fontainebleau Hotel?

July 08, 2009By Gus

Go to Key West in Only 3 Minutes (Time Lapse Video)

Normally, the ride takes about 3 hours, but through the magic of video, we speed up the trip to just over 3 minutes
July 05, 2009By Gus

Experience South Beach Like You See On TV At The Cleve

July 01, 2009By Matt Meltzer

Tour Michael Jackson Cemetery, The Day After He Died [Video]

June 28, 2009By Gus

TripAdvisor Says Miami Tour Company Is The #3 Best Attraction

June 24, 2009By Gus

SoBe Hotels Are Cutting Rates Big Time!

June 06, 2009By Gus

Orlando Bus Ride with Free Breakfast and Wi-Fi

June 03, 2009By Gus

Going to Key West? You Must Try Blue Heaven Restaurant

May 29, 2009By Rebecca Lucente

The New and Improved South Beach Hostel

May 25, 2009By Doug
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