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Featured Articles by Jess

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5 Things That Make a Miami Cruise Fun
Posted: 04/17/14 
Swedish House Mafia Interview With Superstar DJ Steve Angello
Posted: 03/26/13 
Common Travel Mistakes Europeans Make
Posted: 11/05/12 
20 Wonderful Sources of Vacation Inspiration
Posted: 09/25/12 
Getting Through Customs and Immigration at Miami Airport
Posted: 08/30/12 
Miami Rainy Season Safety
Posted: 06/19/12 
Taking the Bus to Orlando Is A Fast and Cheap Way To Go
Posted: 06/06/12 
Conch Republic Weekend in Key West
Posted: 05/04/12 
Making International Phone Calls from Miami
Posted: 04/17/12 
Tourist Scams
Posted: 03/19/12 
Experience Miami Nightlife
Posted: 03/19/12 
People Traveling Solo
Posted: 03/19/12 
Using Public Transportation
Posted: 03/19/12 
Driving in Miami
Posted: 03/19/12 
Renting a Car in Miami
Posted: 03/19/12 
Flying to Miami
Posted: 03/19/12 
How To Find A Good Hotel Room (The Secrets Nobody Told You)
Posted: 03/19/12 
Hotel Resort Fees
Posted: 03/19/12 
Hotels or Vacation Rentals?
Posted: 03/19/12 
Average Room Rates
Posted: 03/19/12 
Comparing Miami Hotels
Posted: 03/19/12 
How Miami Lodging Works
Posted: 03/19/12 
Finding a Restroom
Posted: 03/19/12 
Yoga for Travelers
Posted: 03/19/12 
Dealing With Jet Lag
Posted: 03/19/12 
Staying Healthy on Vacation
Posted: 03/19/12 
Staying Safe in Miami
Posted: 03/19/12 
How To Use Public Transport in Miami
Posted: 02/16/12 
The ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon 2012
Posted: 01/30/12 
Review and Photos of Art Deco Weekend 2012
Posted: 01/18/12 
Swoop Miami: The fun free way to get around South Beach
Posted: 01/10/12 
Yardbird Southern Table and Bar, South Beach’s hottest new restaurant
Posted: 12/12/11 
Fresh Market Finally Opens in South Beach
Posted: 12/06/11 
Pool Parties in Miami: Saturdays at the RX Gansevoort Pool Party
Posted: 11/14/11 
Operando and the day I realized nothing in Miami is simple
Posted: 11/04/11 
Amnesia Miami VIP Opening Night Photos
Posted: 10/21/11 
Halloween on Lincoln Road 2011
Posted: 10/20/11 
Five Helpful Things To Know When You Move To Miami
Posted: 10/17/11 
How I Moved to Miami from England
Posted: 10/09/11 
Deco Bike Rentals: Good For Locals, Not So Much For Visitors
Posted: 08/29/11 
Why Everyone Loves Big Pink
Posted: 08/11/11 
A Local’s Guide to Lincoln Road
Posted: 08/01/11 
Cooking Classes at Williams Sonoma
Posted: 07/24/11 
Going to Harry Potter World for the Day
Posted: 07/15/11 
Bistro 555 at Wine Depot in South Beach
Posted: 07/01/11 
Books and Books on Lincoln Road
Posted: 06/22/11 
The New Pizza Fusion in South Beach
Posted: 06/04/11 
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