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Featured Articles by Doug

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Getting From the Airport to Your Hotel
Posted: 03/19/12 
Connecting to the Internet On Your Miami Vacation
Posted: 03/19/12 
Fun Places To Walk In Miami Beach
Posted: 03/19/12 
Getting the Most for Your Dollar
Posted: 03/19/12 
Overcoming the Language Barrier
Posted: 03/19/12 
Meeting People on Vacation
Posted: 03/19/12 
Sleeping Cheaply
Posted: 03/19/12 
What’s the Weather Like?
Posted: 03/19/12 
How Social Media Stopped a Craigslist Scam
Posted: 03/10/11 
Jackie Gleason’s Miami
Posted: 11/06/09 
Free WiFi For Residents and Visitors
Posted: 11/02/09 
New Everglades Tour to Include Infamous Landmarks
Posted: 10/24/09 
Is Florida Still the Cheap California?
Posted: 10/16/09 
Falling Property Values Means Rising City Fees
Posted: 10/10/09 
Miami Unveils New Plan for Panhandlers
Posted: 10/02/09 
University of Miami Researcher Hails Possible New AIDS Vaccine
Posted: 09/26/09 
Maria’s Hidden Walking Trail in South Miami
Posted: 09/19/09 
Horse Slaughter Draws Eerie Parallels to the Recent Cat Killings
Posted: 09/11/09 
Fontainebleau Hotel Faces an Uncertain Future
Posted: 09/05/09 
Taking a Closer Look at The Raelians
Posted: 08/29/09 
Enjoying the Wildlife of South Florida
Posted: 08/21/09 
Hurricane Season in South Florida: What It Means for You
Posted: 08/14/09 
Warning: Pythons Are Taking Over The Everglades
Posted: 07/27/09 
Miami Day Trips: Blue Spring State Park
Posted: 07/20/09 
South Beach’s Most Stunning Hotels, Restaurants & Nightclubs
Posted: 07/13/09 
Miami: A Hotbed of Argentine Culture
Posted: 07/06/09 
How to Buy Foreclosures for Cheap in South Florida
Posted: 06/29/09 
What To Do On A Rainy Afternoon
Posted: 06/22/09 
Tyler Weinman: Portrait of An Accused Serial Cat Killer
Posted: 06/15/09 
The Reincarnation of South Pointe Park
Posted: 06/08/09 
The Psychedelic Lifeguard Stands on South Beach
Posted: 06/01/09 
The New and Improved South Beach Hostel
Posted: 05/25/09 
Fratelli La Bufala: Authentic Italian Food on South Beach
Posted: 05/18/09 
Hontoon State Park: A Secluded Island in Central Florida!
Posted: 05/11/09 
What I Miss About Miami
Posted: 05/04/09 
Five Myths About Living in Central Florida
Posted: 04/27/09 
Why I Left Crazy South Beach For Lazy Central Florida
Posted: 04/20/09 
Comparing San Diego to Miami
Posted: 04/13/09 
Comparing Austin to Miami
Posted: 04/06/09 
Comparing New Orleans to Miami
Posted: 03/30/09 
The Changing Face of South Beach
Posted: 03/23/09 
Vacation Rental Scams and How to Avoid Them
Posted: 03/16/09 
A New Direction in US Medical Marijuana Policy
Posted: 03/09/09 
Staying at the Jazz Hostel in South Beach
Posted: 03/02/09 
The Icy, Pricey Ice Box Cafe—A Review & Pictures
Posted: 02/24/09 
The South Beach Hotel Group (Pictures)
Posted: 11/30/08 
How to Enjoy a South Florida Vacation on a Recession Budget
Posted: 11/06/08 
Traveling Through Time Along Old Cutler Road
Posted: 10/09/08 
Port of Miami - The Cruise and Cargo Gateway to the World
Posted: 08/02/08 
Hy Vong Restaurant: A Little Vietnamese Heaven on SW 8th St.
Posted: 06/05/08 
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