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Featured Articles by Matt Meltzer

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25 Things You Must Know Before Moving to Miami
Posted: 10/09/14 
What’s New in Our Guide to Miami Strip Clubs and Topless Bars
Posted: 08/29/14 
12 Reasons You’ll Love Miami Beach 411 on Instagram
Posted: 08/12/14 
Miami Weekend Getaways: The Central Gulf Coast
Posted: 08/01/14 
Weekend Getaways from Miami: East Coast Beaches
Posted: 07/25/14 
Siena Tavern’s Coming to Miami’s China Grill Space
Posted: 07/09/14 
The Top 9 Things to Do on Labor Day in Miami Beach
Posted: 07/01/14 
What to do on 4th of July in South Beach
Posted: 06/30/14 
10 Places to Take 10 Different Dads on Father’s Day in Miami Beach
Posted: 06/10/14 
Miami Marine Stadium Takes the First Step to Revival
Posted: 06/02/14 
Lyft Comes to Miami.
Posted: 05/29/14 
Miami Beach Memorial Day Weekend Traffic Guide
Posted: 05/23/14 
Miami Beach’s Best for Mother’s Day
Posted: 05/07/14 
5 Crazy New Workouts You Can Do in Miami Beach
Posted: 04/29/14 
Miami Beach’s Top Ten Easter Brunches
Posted: 04/17/14 
Miami’s 8 Best Restaurant Views
Posted: 04/09/14 
WMC and Ultra DJs’ Miami Favorites
Posted: 03/30/14 
A Culinary Guide to Springfield, USA (The Simpsons)
Posted: 03/20/14 
Finally, Some Good News About Alton Road
Posted: 03/09/14 
A Ladies’ Look at E11even
Posted: 02/25/14 
Your Comprehensive, Last Minute Guide to Valentine’s Day in Miami
Posted: 02/12/14 
Groove Cruise X: 96 Hours of Insanity
Posted: 02/07/14 
Where to Watch The Super Bowl in Miami Beach
Posted: 01/29/14 
The Chippendales Dancers Come to Miami
Posted: 01/14/14 
How to Sneak Alcohol onto a Cruise Ship
Posted: 01/08/14 
Miami’s 10 Best Affordable 2013 NYE Parties
Posted: 12/27/13 
Miami’s Letter to Santa
Posted: 12/20/13 
Art Basel for the Common Man
Posted: 12/02/13 
Where to Have Thanksgiving Dinner in South Beach
Posted: 11/27/13 
2 Hot Clubs Set to Open in Miami This Winter
Posted: 11/24/13 
The 8 Most “Miami” Drinks, And How to Get Them Properly
Posted: 11/13/13 
Your Guide to Miami Beach Halloween Parties for 2013
Posted: 10/29/13 
A Doorman’s Tips for Getting into South Beach Clubs
Posted: 10/17/13 
How to get from South Beach to Sun Life Stadium
Posted: 09/29/13 
South Beach’s 7 Best Late Night Eats
Posted: 09/17/13 
Your Guide To South Beach’s 5 Biggest Specialty Burger Joints
Posted: 08/05/13 
The iheartradio Ultimate Pool Party 2013 - PICTURES
Posted: 07/21/13 
Where to Watch 4th of July Fireworks in Miami and Miami Beach
Posted: 07/02/13 
Sunset Harbour, Miami Beach’s New Home to Great Food
Posted: 06/23/13 
Transformers Come to Miami to Promote New Ride, Get Towed
Posted: 06/03/13 
Miami Beach Well on Its Way to Solving Memorial Day Problem
Posted: 05/28/13 
Our Expert Picks for Miami Beach’s Best
Posted: 05/12/13 
South Beach’s Best Food Delivery
Posted: 04/18/13 
How to Get to Ultra
Posted: 03/20/13 
El Corral : Colombian Burger is Worth the Wait
Posted: 02/17/13 
Miami’s Most Overrated Restaurants
Posted: 02/06/13 
Where To Live for Families (Video)
Posted: 01/09/13 
What to Do On New Years Eve in Miami
Posted: 12/16/12 
Why Miami Traffic is So Bad (And How To Avoid It)
Posted: 12/03/12 
Strip Club Guide Updated for 2013
Posted: 11/16/12 
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