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Featured Articles by Carlos Miller

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Occupy Miami Prepares For Next Step After Eviction
Posted: 02/07/12 
MSNBC Puts South Beach Strippers In National Spotlight
Posted: 01/30/12 
FIU President Playing Spin Game Regarding Campus Arrests
Posted: 01/20/12 
FIU Police Arrest Occupy Activists For Attempting Concert
Posted: 01/13/12 
Promotional Video Falsely Claims Miami Building Will Exceed Empire State Building
Posted: 01/09/12 
Miami Beach 411: The Year In Review
Posted: 12/27/11 
Miami Man Selling Fold-Up, Urban Bikes At Cut-Rate Price
Posted: 12/23/11 
Kukaramakara: Great Band, Good Food, Arrogant Doormen
Posted: 12/16/11 
Miami Police And FHP Settle Differences With Softball Game
Posted: 12/05/11 
Not Even The Castro Card Could Knock Common Sense Into Marco Rubio
Posted: 12/01/11 
Occupy Miami Once Again Gets Extension From Eviction
Posted: 11/23/11 
Miami Short Film Festival Kicks Off
Posted: 11/15/11 
Occupy Miami Threatened With Eviction
Posted: 11/10/11 
Miami Beach 411 Forum Member Captures Suspect In Photograph
Posted: 11/04/11 
Occupy Miami Receiving Little Static From Police And Authorities
Posted: 10/30/11 
Occupy Miami Begins Occupation At Government Center
Posted: 10/16/11 
Occupy Miami Late To The Party In National Movement
Posted: 10/11/11 
Occupy Miami Movement Underway As Wall Street Protests Continue
Posted: 10/06/11 
Sign Our Petition To Open A Trader Joe’s In Miami
Posted: 09/29/11 
Miami Marlins Logo Is Hideous
Posted: 09/22/11 
Brickell Rivals South Beach As Hottest Spot To Live, Work And Play
Posted: 09/13/11 
Fantasy Football: It’s Not Just For Men Anymore
Posted: 08/30/11 
South Florida Social Media Aficionados Organize Sea Tweetup
Posted: 08/19/11 
Driving Through Lion Country Safari in a Mouse Limo
Posted: 08/07/11 
Facebook Page Walks Miami Natives Down Memory Lane
Posted: 08/04/11 
Hollywood’s Sunset Strip Goes Up In Miami
Posted: 07/25/11 
Jimmy’z Beats Sugarcane On Social Media Day
Posted: 07/06/11 
Miami is a Counterfeit Money Hub
Posted: 06/27/11 
Beached Miami Setting New Standard For Blogs In South Florida
Posted: 06/16/11 
More Questions Arise As Second Police Shooting Video Is Released
Posted: 06/06/11 
Memorial Day Mayhem 2011 (Video)
Posted: 05/31/11 
Everybody Hates The Miami Heat And Its Fans (And We Don’t Care)
Posted: 05/27/11 
Brooklyn Water Brings Bagels to Miami
Posted: 05/17/11 
Coral Gables; The City Beautiful Still Lives Up to its Name
Posted: 05/05/11 
Why Luther Campbell Should Be Miami-Dade County Mayor
Posted: 04/28/11 
Blogger vs Wordpress: Which Blog Platform to Document Your Vacation?
Posted: 04/18/11 
Weekend Beach Melee - Caught On Tape
Posted: 03/29/11 
El Buen Sabor Mexican Restaurant Adds Spice to Calle Ocho
Posted: 03/24/11 
What We Learned at SXSW: Content & Networking Is King!
Posted: 03/17/11 
Local Bands Display “Miami Sound” During Carnaval on the Mile
Posted: 03/07/11 
Emeril Profiles Oldest Bar in Miami for Upcoming Show
Posted: 03/01/11 
Miami Circle Park Opens a Decade After Discovery
Posted: 02/24/11 
Miami Techies Prepare for Austin Tech Conference
Posted: 02/17/11 
Cruisin’ around in a bitchin’ Camaro
Posted: 02/08/11 
Food Trucks Swarm Downtown Miami (Video)
Posted: 01/12/11 
Ochocinco a No-Show to South Beach Lunch Tweetup
Posted: 01/06/11 
King Mango Strut Still Zany Despite Dwindling Numbers (photos and video)
Posted: 12/28/10 
Miami Croqueta Crawl Combines Old School Cuba With Social Media
Posted: 12/20/10 
Surfers Brave South Beach Chill for Six-Foot Waves (Pictures)
Posted: 12/15/10 
Accused Cat Killer Exonerated; Many Not Convinced of His Innocence
Posted: 11/30/10 
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