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Traveler´s Reviews Date Subject
Going Down With the Best May 11 South Beach Divers
Excellent food and service Apr 11 Rancho Argentino
Not a star? They don’t need your money Feb 19 Harrison's
Rude service, bad quality Feb 04 Looxis of Florida
Good food but such arrogance! Jan 30 Joe's Stone Crab
Amazing food, great prices, nice people Jan 24 900 Novecento
Arrogant and overpriced Jan 06 Prime 112
Customer service does not exist here Jan 03 Van Dyke
Offensive Staff Dec 24 Hosteria Romana
Unforgettable Dec 13 Smith & Wollensky
Workers need to stop smoking herb at work Dec 12 Cheeseburger Baby
Food and service worth every cent Dec 08 China Grill
Worst delivery on the beach Dec 07 Cheeseburger Baby
Service please Nov 29 Larios
Cash register scam? Nov 21 Piola Pizza
Not professional Nov 20 Soho clothing
tired of security staff in a bad mood Nov 20 The Fifth
Don’t go to the Fifth Nightclub Nov 11 The Fifth
Very dissapointed with Opium Nov 11 Opium Garden
Not Good: Aloof service Nov 07 Monty's Raw Bar Coconut Grove
Bad service Nov 03 Santo
Horrible Hotel Experience Oct 28 Chelsea Hotel
Horrible food and service Sep 30 Yuca
Freestyle dining leaves a bad taste Sep 13 Pride of Hawaii
Caution to small parties Aug 20 Barton G.
Disgusted by Friday’s standards in the States Aug 02 TGI Fridays
Nobu’s host keeps time Jul 17 Nobu
Top shelf sushi and service (and price) Jul 16 Nobu
Scraping the bottom of the barrel for employees Jul 12 Johnny Rockets
Amazing service for party of 100 Jun 29 510 Ocean
Great dinner and a ride too Jun 25 Paesano's Ristorante
Siam in need of service Jun 25 Sushi Siam
Employees need to wash hands at Jerry’s Deli Jun 13 Jerry's Deli
Overcharged for poor service Jun 12 Nexxt Cafe
Chaos at Johnny Rockets Jun 05 Johnny Rockets
Beautiful hotel, lousy service May 30 Don Shula's
Poor Service attitude May 26 Tuscan Steak
Horrible Service Not for decent people May 26 Dorchester Hotel
I wouldn’t go to Barton G. May 24 Barton G.
Bad Service Rude Staff May 22 Best Western
Bad Service at Albion Hotel May 17 Albion Hotel
Knowledgeable Staff at Fritz’s May 17 Fritz
Friendly good italian Delivery May 17 Masters Pizza
Bad Service at Lario’s May 09 Lario's
Good only for the night, not for vacation May 03 Catalina Hotel
Service not so good at the Blue Door May 02 Blue Door
Great customer service at Astoria Basic May 01 Astoria Basic
Don’t get ripped off at Nexxt Cafe May 01 Nexxt Cafe
Rude staff Horrible housekeeping Apr 25 South Seas Hotel
Manager “Christopher” was great Apr 21 Finnegan's Way
Embarrassing to Take Guests to Emeril’s Apr 17 Emeril's
Be patient at Taste Bakery Apr 15 Taste Bakery
Not as good as it looks Apr 15 Marseilles Hotel
Great service at Nemo Apr 12 Nemo
Service should have been better Apr 08 The Palms
Even Worse After Hours Mar 30 Cafeteria
Bad Business Mar 29 Lina Cantillo
Grill Med has delicious food Mar 25 Grill Med
Horrible Return Policy Be Careful Mar 24 Passage to India
Mynt is not what you say it is Mar 14 Mynt
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