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Archived Things to do in Miami:

What’s New in Our Guide to Miami Strip Clubs and Topless Bars

From Acrobats to Rib Sandwiches, A Lot Has Changed in the World of Miami Strip Clubs
August 29, 2014By Matt Meltzer

The Top 9 Things to Do on Labor Day in Miami Beach

End of Summer? Not Really. But Still Plenty of Excuses to Party.
July 01, 2014By Matt Meltzer

What to do on 4th of July in South Beach

We're Giving You the 8 Best July 4th Parties in South Beach
June 30, 2014By Matt Meltzer

10 Places to Take 10 Different Dads on Father’s Day in Miami Beach

Whether Dad is Into Big Burgers, Bourbon or Parrots, Miami Beach Has the Perfect Place for Him
June 10, 2014By Matt Meltzer

Miami Beach’s Best for Mother’s Day

From free steak to free massages, here's the best stuff to do for Mom this Sunday.
May 07, 2014By Matt Meltzer

5 Crazy New Workouts You Can Do in Miami Beach

From Banging on Drums to Yoga on a Paddleboard, Miami's Got Some Crazy New Workouts
April 29, 2014By Matt Meltzer

A Ladies’ Look at E11even

We Sent a Lady Into The Thick of It to See if the Sorta-Strip Club is Really Girl-Friendly
February 25, 2014By Matt Meltzer

Your Comprehensive, Last Minute Guide to Valentine’s Day in Miami

Whether You're Married, Single, Or Just Triyng to Do Something Different, There's Plenty of Impressive Stuff Going on in Miami
February 12, 2014By Matt Meltzer

Where to Watch The Super Bowl in Miami Beach

Since We Won't GBe Getting the Actual Game Anytime Soon, Here's The Best Places to Watch It
January 29, 2014By Matt Meltzer

Art Basel for the Common Man

No Basel Hook-Ups? No Problem. Here's How to Own Art Basel without Buying a Thing
December 02, 2013By Matt Meltzer

Your Guide to Miami Beach Halloween Parties for 2013

Where you can party in South Beach with Playmates, Zombies and Lupin
October 29, 2013By Matt Meltzer

The iheartradio Ultimate Pool Party 2013 - PICTURES

Red Hot Red Carpet Pics of Krewella, Iconapop, CW Stars, and LOTS AND LOTS OF KE$HA
July 21, 2013By Matt Meltzer

Where to Watch 4th of July Fireworks in Miami and Miami Beach

Here are our Top 5 Spots in Miami and Miami Beach to Catch the Fireworks this Year
July 02, 2013By Matt Meltzer

Sunset Harbour, Miami Beach’s New Home to Great Food

Move over Lincoln Road, Sunset Harbour is South Beach's New Hotspot
June 23, 2013By Matt Meltzer

Postcard Inn at Holiday Isle - A Much Needed Improvement on a Florida Classic

"The Tiki Bar" remains
January 26, 2012By Matt Meltzer

Review and Photos of Art Deco Weekend 2012

Review and Photos
January 18, 2012By Jess

Swoop Miami: The fun free way to get around South Beach

A fun free taxi service around South Beach
January 10, 2012By Jess

Kukaramakara: Great Band, Good Food, Arrogant Doormen

December 16, 2011By Carlos Miller

Energy Healing at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach

December 07, 2011By Matt Meltzer

Miami Short Film Festival Kicks Off

November 15, 2011By Carlos Miller

Pool Parties in Miami: Saturdays at the RX Gansevoort Pool Party

November 14, 2011By Jess

Behind the Scenes of SoundScape at New World Symphony

November 07, 2011By Maria de los Angeles

Halloween on Lincoln Road 2011

October 20, 2011By Jess

Occupy Miami Movement Underway As Wall Street Protests Continue

October 06, 2011By Carlos Miller

Race Like a Pro and Get Destroyed by A Five Year-Old at Miami GP Raceway

October 05, 2011By Matt Meltzer

Extra Long Tailgate Redeems UM Football

September 19, 2011By Matt Meltzer

Dog Walks, Treats, & Groomers, From A Cavalier King Charles’  Perspective

September 13, 2011By Christy

Aventura Mall Shopping

September 05, 2011By Maria de los Angeles

Deco Bike Rentals: Good For Locals, Not So Much For Visitors

August 29, 2011By Jess

Driving Through Lion Country Safari in a Mouse Limo

August 07, 2011By Carlos Miller

A Local’s Guide to Lincoln Road

August 01, 2011By Jess

Cooking Classes at Williams Sonoma

July 24, 2011By Jess

Going to Harry Potter World for the Day

Book with MiamiBeach411 to visit Orlando theme parks
July 15, 2011By Jess

Bistro 555 at Wine Depot in South Beach

July 01, 2011By Jess

Books and Books on Lincoln Road

June 22, 2011By Jess

Miami Velvet Looks to Rebrand Swingers

June 20, 2011By Matt Meltzer

The New Pizza Fusion in South Beach

June 04, 2011By Jess

Exxxotica 2011 is All About the Fans

May 23, 2011By Matt Meltzer

Brooklyn Water Brings Bagels to Miami

May 17, 2011By Carlos Miller

Announcing Miami Tours in Portuguese

April 25, 2011By Gus

Marlins Open Final Season, Look Forward to New Park in Little Havana

March 31, 2011By Matt Meltzer

El Buen Sabor Mexican Restaurant Adds Spice to Calle Ocho

March 24, 2011By Carlos Miller

Local Bands Display “Miami Sound” During Carnaval on the Mile

March 07, 2011By Carlos Miller

Emeril Profiles Oldest Bar in Miami for Upcoming Show

March 01, 2011By Carlos Miller

Bargain Shopping in the Danger Zone

February 11, 2011By Maria de los Angeles

Visiting Matlacha and Pine Island on Florida’s Gulf Coast

January 13, 2011By Maria de los Angeles

King Mango Strut Still Zany Despite Dwindling Numbers (photos and video)

December 28, 2010By Carlos Miller

Cirque du Soliel’s “Kooza” Takes Stunts to a New Level

November 23, 2010By Matt Meltzer

The Miami Man Triathlon

November 16, 2010By Matt Meltzer

Visit St. Augustine: Florida’s Jewel of a City

November 01, 2010By Maria de los Angeles

Shopping in Bal Harbour - It’s Not Your Average Mall

October 24, 2010By Christy

Catch a Buzz at the Miami International Wine Fair

October 16, 2010By Carlos Miller

BK Whopper Bar: A Burger Joint for the Creative Class

September 30, 2010By Matt Meltzer

Miami Tour Company Unveils New Spanish-Language Website

September 17, 2010By Gus

The Coconut Grove Bed Race Returns

September 09, 2010By Carlos Miller

Viernes Culturales: As Close to Cuba as You Can Legally Get

August 28, 2010By Matt Meltzer

Doing Miami Spice at Mr. Chow

August 19, 2010By fredgarvin

Pizza Tweetups Lead to New Friends and Free Pizza

August 05, 2010By Carlos Miller

Everglades City Offers Complete Everglades Experience

August 02, 2010By Matt Meltzer

New Colombian restaurant adds to diversity on Coral Way Corridor

July 20, 2010By Carlos Miller

Top Spots to Bikini Shop

July 14, 2010By Christy

New Times “Best Mile of Miami” (Time Lapse Video)

July 04, 2010By Gus

Miami Driving Tour Down I-95 (Video)

June 24, 2010By Gus

Announcing New Coach Sound System, With Seat-Back Controllers

June 18, 2010By Gus

Lion Country Safari:  Florida’s Drive-Through Theme Park

June 17, 2010By Maria de los Angeles

The Faces and Styles of Urban Beach Weekend

June 02, 2010By Christy

Miami Bus Tours: Now With Front View Cameras

May 28, 2010By Gus

Miami Rum Renaissance Festival Rousing Success In Only Its Second Year

May 10, 2010By Carlos Miller

Miami Tour Company Adds New Bus To The Fleet

April 29, 2010By Gus

$25 and Under Dining in South Beach- Pasha’s

March 23, 2010By Christy

Who Provides the Most Authentic Irish Experience on St. Patty’s Day?

March 15, 2010By Carlos Miller

Taurus Wins the Burger Beast Taste Test Tour

February 24, 2010By Carlos Miller

Man Turns His Love Of Animals Into A Foundation

February 18, 2010By Carlos Miller

Join Burger Beast on a Guided Tour of Miami’s Best Hamburger Joints

February 09, 2010By Gus

Shopping at the New Publix Greenwise in SoFi

December 27, 2009By Christy

A Closer Look at The Original Miami Tour Via Online Video (Part III of III)

December 19, 2009By Gus

Take a Cruise Around the Star’s Homes Via Online Video (Part II of III)

December 17, 2009By Gus

Learn about the Everglades Eco Adventure via online video (Part I of III)

December 14, 2009By Gus

Art Basel: The “Olympics of the art world”

December 03, 2009By Carlos Miller

Meet Freddy Stebbins, Homegrown Miami Comic

November 28, 2009By Maria de los Angeles

Deering Estate Ghost Tour

November 14, 2009By Maria de los Angeles

South Beach Dining for $25 and Under: Juice & Java

November 09, 2009By Christy

What’s There To Do? (Halloween Edition)

October 29, 2009By Laurie

New Everglades Tour to Include Infamous Landmarks

October 24, 2009By Doug

Training for Triathlons in Miami, Florida

October 21, 2009By Matt Meltzer

10 Things To Do In Downtown Miami: A Self-Guided Tour

October 12, 2009By Maria de los Angeles

What’s There To Do? (Oktoberfest Edition)

October 01, 2009By Laurie

Maria’s Hidden Walking Trail in South Miami

September 19, 2009By Doug

What’s There To Do? (Just Another Weekend Edition)

September 17, 2009By Laurie

Don’t Miss This Wonderful Miami History Class

August 23, 2009By Maria de los Angeles

My Trip to The Real Golden Girls’ House

August 18, 2009By Matt Meltzer

Sarussi’s Secret Sauce Keeps Sandwiches Selling

July 23, 2009By Carlos Miller

Miami Day Trips: Blue Spring State Park

July 20, 2009By Doug

When it Comes to Fritas (Cuban hamburgers) El Mago is Best

July 15, 2009By Carlos Miller

Miami Drummers Celebrate at the Full Moon Party

July 09, 2009By Carlos Miller

Go to Key West in Only 3 Minutes (Time Lapse Video)

Normally, the ride takes about 3 hours, but through the magic of video, we speed up the trip to just over 3 minutes
July 05, 2009By Gus

Experience South Beach Like You See On TV At The Cleve

July 01, 2009By Matt Meltzer

Tour Michael Jackson Cemetery, The Day After He Died [Video]

June 28, 2009By Gus

TripAdvisor Says Miami Tour Company Is The #3 Best Attraction

June 24, 2009By Gus

What To Do On A Rainy Afternoon

June 22, 2009By Doug
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